My mission is to help you clear your moneyvision and see the hidden opportunities for wealth creation that are all around you.

With your moneyvision clear, you can then be empowered to take action to not only protect your wealth, but actually position yourself to benefit from the invisible wealth transfer that is going on around us every day, all the time.

I believe that the faster you can clear your moneyvision, the faster you’ll be able to focus your time on doing those things you love to do.

And that means having the money, the wealth, and the freedom to do it.

Except that some of us (a lot of us, actually) get funny about money.

Who wants more money?  I know I sure as hell do!  But not for the sake of money itself, because I understand that it’s not the money itself that I want, but what that money can buy and provide.  


Here’s the truth about money:


It’s not even real!  It’s just an agreed on symbol for trading the things we want and the things we value.  Paper and coins (and in this modern era plastic cards and even our smartphones) are easier to carry than chickens, eggs, tomatoes, rice, Gold, you name it. 

All money is really is the common denominator of trade, the medium of exchange for what we want and what we need

We trade money for what we want, for what our individual viewpoint thinks has value.  In and of itself, it’s got no value whatsoever.

Which makes the whole money puzzle so confusing, and why we maybe mess ourselves up about it.

I’ve spent the last 10 years studying finance, working in the financial services industry, and understanding what it takes to create real financial security – and there’s more to that than just doing what you’re told.

I’ve also learned after speaking to countless people that it’s rarely ever even about the money itself, even when we think it is.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have some sort of screwed up money story, at least on some level no matter what kind of background or upbringing they had.  Even if it’s an old money story that’s been worked on and transformed.

Whether they have hundreds of thousands dollars or less than zero, money tends to bring up seemingly every kind of emotion in people.  And for good reason – it’s virtually impossible to survive anywhere on planet earth without transacting money in some form.

So let’s clear our moneyvision already!

Most people who want to fix their money story think that the first thing to do is start taking the right actions around their money by reading a book or investing in magical stocks and all will be well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking those actions as a first step.  But what I’ve discovered after speaking with so many people who have every kind of money story you can think of is that the most important place to begin to transform our money story is really within ourselves.

To actually get clear about where we stand with money begins with a ton of self-inquiry and understanding.  It’s like anything where deep emotions get triggered – we have all sorts of reactions and it’s vital we get to the source of them in order to be healed.

The key to dealing with your money story is completely within you!

The Gold is you. 

Your Mindset. 

Your Beliefs. 

Your Commitment.

Are you ready to up level your commitment and play a much bigger game?

Are you ready to do the deep discovery work and truly clear your moneyvision and understand how money really works?

On another note, here’s the cold hard truth about true joy, wealth, and abundance: it has nothing to do with how much money you’ve got banked.

As a former CPA, you couldn’t imagine how many clients tax bills were way more than my annual salary and most other people’s, yet still were living with mindsets of scarcity!


So who am I to say?

Nancy Da Costa

I’m Nancy Da Costa and I’m a financial educator for people who want to understand how the economy and investment markets are working and make empowered financial decisions as a result.

I’m also a lot more than that.

I was a woman who at the age of 29 left a high strung corporate job and rat race lifestyle surviving day to day life in New York City instead for the possibility of a life full of love and freedom in the truest sense.

I’ve always known on some level in my soul that I was meant to play a much bigger game than just surviving most days staring at numbers on an Excel spreadsheet.

Like you, I have a ton of stories and can easily find reasons/make up any excuse for not taking action I can confabulate (think of).

You know what though? My stories, my reasons, my past have absolutely NOTHING to do with this moment and do not at all define me.

And they sure as hell don’t define you either.

I was also an unconscious user of the law of attraction most of my life and surely before I ever heard anything about it.

I’ve worked and visualized everything I’ve ever wanted because I knew on some level that I absolutely could and would have everything I’ve ever decided I’ve wanted out of life.

I’ve even moved to the other side of the world as a stand for what I truly, really wanted.  Not only did I move from New Jersey, USA to Sydney, Australia in the pursuit of long lasting romantic love (and a new life), I even brought my now late parents’ dog with me!

2014-05-25 11.01.03

I’m not sharing this with you right now just because I’m a total trailblazer (which I totally am), but because I really do care about you enough to call you out on the little things that keep standing in the way of you getting what you know you truly, honestly want. And I know that among other things, what you want is to not only become wealthy in the true sense of the word, but actually keep and protect that wealth from all the invisible forces that are working to take it away from you.

  • I believe in setting big, unrealistic goals!

  • I believe that miracles can and do happen. Especially when you make a move on them!

I believe that you are worthy of every bit of abundance that exists in this ever expanding universe of ours!

I believe that this thing that I keep calling the universe is designed to work to our benefit.

I’ve learned that the only limits we have on how much money we make, how amazing our lives are, and what we are capable of are the ones we place on ourselves.

But here’s what I’ve also discovered: not everyone knows or has the tools to consciously empower their mindset like you and I do. Not everyone has access to the knowledge to close their Money Gap.

I’ve known and seen way too many people weighed down by debt, dead-end relationships, and resignation to “this is just how life is” because they don’t understand the basic law of attraction:

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, positive or negative.”

Your ability to attract and create your life lie squarely within you!

Achieving financial security is a means to living the life that you dream of and are meant to have.

So now the only question is…do you have the burning desire to do the necessary work to achieve that dream?

Working with me, you’ll finally see how to clear your moneyvision so that you can take the steps necessary to create and protect your wealth to ultimately live the life of your dreams.


Some other things about me that I know that you don’t (yet):


I know that I love my red wine along with some Bossa Nova music on a cold evening.  The Bossa Nova/red wine combination is like peanut butter and chocolate.  I almost can’t help myself and wouldn’t even want to.


I know that I’m freakishly addicted to red wine anyway.  Not in the gross alcoholic sense but in the this is how I like to wind my day down sense.  (This is no different to someone having some chocolate at the end of the day.  Don’t worry, there’s no driving under the influence either).


I know that I have about 50 half read books in my kindle and on my bookshelf and that I don’t have any one favorite since they come in so many flavors.  I love them all.  Among others, Marianne Williamson, Napoleon Hill, and Robert Kiyosaki have all changed my life somehow.


I know that my husband is the most adventurous yet at the same time pragmatic person I know.  Like the peanut butter and chocolate combo I mentioned above, he’s a perfect blend of genius and fun.  Which makes me want to wrap my arms, my legs, my everything around him all the time (he never argues when I do).


I know that I am not like the 97% of women content to live a cliché life.  You know, like having babies and working in safe and predictable (read: boring) jobs.


I know somehow that I’m here to stand for the remaining 3% who are also not into having babies and safe and predictable jobs being the end all of everything.


I know that I am meant for something big.  Something disruptive.  I’m meant to piss some people off – and I’m actually OK with that.  

The thought that I’m meant for something bigger than myself drives me nuts.  Not because I’m afraid (I am and I’m not) but because the thought of NOT DOING something makes me sick, like my soul won’t get to live out its destiny or something unless I do something.  

Granted, I don’t know exactly what that is YET but I’m figuring it out.  (I think it may fall under the waking other people up to how wealth is stolen and transferred all the time genre).


I’m Nancy Da Costa, and in case it wasn’t obvious,

I’m here to make you THRIVE!!!


I’m known for inspiring the truly hungry to build their wealth and secure their freedom from the common lifestyle that’s imprisoned everyone else (whether or not they even realize it).


I used to live the New York City rat race lifestyle of going to work, going for drinks after, coming home, not sleeping a whole lot, rinse, repeat, living for the weekends because they were the only bright spot in life, rinse, repeat again.


A few years later I live a whole other reality that I used to only picture in my head.  


I live in a gorgeous sun-bathed apartment in gorgeous Sydney, Australia (re: not a huge space but close to the ocean, the harbor, and the park that becomes doggie heaven every morning)


I return to the USA often to either go to conferences or speak at them, and I spend several weeks a year traveling with my drop dead gorgeous (and Australian) husband around the world to places like Brazil & Egypt; France & Thailand – which sounds a lot more pretentious in writing than if you and I were speaking face to face over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee (I don’t mix the two).  

2014-11-25 13.58.152014-11-30 11.56.59

I carry my laptop/iPad/iPhone with me everywhere I go, and when it’s hot and sunny outside I have the pleasure of enjoying a quick swim in the gorgeous South Pacific ocean not far from where I live.

This is a big contrast to having previously had to sit in traffic for 2 hours on the Garden State Parkway to get down to the Jersey Shore.  It’s a different life indeed.

When I’m not working with other trailblazers on clearing your moneyvision, I get to spend my days doing what I love to do, talking about my favorite subjects MONEY & WEALTH on a regular basis, with the types of people I love to work with.



Where I respond that:



For anyone out there who can’t be bothered to dream because you’re so caught up in the day to day – YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW.


For anyone out there who maybe doesn’t love everything about their life but is so comfortable and content with it and not willing to explore what else may be out there for you – YOU’LL JUST GET MORE OF WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY GOT.


But for anyone out there that, despite no proof it’s going to work, despite the knowledge that you’ll get rejected more often than you care for, gossiped about by people who have nothing better to do, and that you might even (gasp) actually fail, yet is still willing to risk falling flat on your face fighting for something more than the status quo, and something way better in this precious window of time we have on this earth – YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL REALLY TRULY SUCCEED.


Because at the very least you gave it your all.


And you know what?  Most other people never will!

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